Space Goat Welcomes Nicole Jackson

Space Goat Productions is proud to announce that Nicole Jackson has achieved the near impossible by being promoted from our veracious intern pool to a staff position. Please join us in welcoming her!

Dave Land joins the Space Goat team!

Space Goat Productions proudly announces the addition of former Dark Horse Senior Editor Dave Land to our growing team of project managers.

SGP_Land Press Release July 2014

Wayne Faucher joins the Space Goat team!

Space Goat Productions is proud to announce the addition of ten year inker Wayne Faucher to our team! Wayne Faucher earned a BFA in Graphic Design. Wayne decided to pursue comics when his kids came along and he wanted to work at home. He’s been the regular monthly inker on Impulse, Batman: Shadow of the Bat, Catwoman, Detective Comics, Wonder Woman, Peter Parker Spider-man, Countdown, Trinity, Spectacular Spider-man, Titans, Nightcrawler, Legion, Mr. Terrific and many others.
He’s been lucky enough to work with some of the best pencilers in the business. He’s been regularly teamed with Humberto Ramos, Alex Maleev, Mark Buckingham, Dick Giordano, Mike Deodato, Chad Hardin, Alberto Ponticelli and RB Silva.

Yvel Guichet & Jason Gorder on DC's Trinity of Sin!

Yvel Guichet & Jason Gorder are teaming up with current Phantom Stranger and Eisner winning writer J.M. DeMatteis! They will be compiling their efforts on DC comics: Trinity of Sin that will be hitting shelves this October.

Space Goat Publishing

To make it easier to find our digital offerings, we have put them all in one place. We are now available on Kindle, Kobo, and Google Play. With many more to come! So keep checking back for more updates. 

Space Goat Presents Vol.1

We have Space Goat Presents Vol.1 in stock!

Space Goat Presents Vol. 1 is now in stock! We have two variant covers for you to collect!

BGH Amazon link.

Digital Offerings!

Available now through Amazon: Big Game Hunters: The Tale of the Lizard Baron, Doorkickers, and Letters from the Bellybutton of the World: Part one!


New RB Silva artwork coming soon!

RB Silva trekked to Wizard World Philadelphia, all the way from Brazil, and he brought some brand new artwork. They are coming soon to our Fine Arts page! Keep your eyes peeled for more to come!

Alan Quah joins Space Goat Fine Arts.

Godzilla Awakening artist Alan Quah has signed on to sell his original art through our very own Space Goat Fine Arts. Come see us at one of the many conventions we’ll be attending or check us out at

“Space Goat has provided us with some high-level talent and hit some very demanding deadlines. Much like aspirin, they’re the miracle cure.” Alex Antone

Associate Editor, DC Entertainment

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